Ongoing evaluation of the new "On Sky" telescope control interface

The new LCOGT "On Sky" telescope control interface has now been running for 2 weeks, and we are hoping to gather feedback from users (new and old) about their experiences. We have had a lot of useful feedback already, which we will be feeding back to LCOGT so that they can improve the user experience, but we can always do with more, so please let us know exactly what you think about the new interface for controlling the telescopes.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the ease of use of On Sky, advantages and disadvantages compared to the old RTI system, support materials, and any suggestions for improving the new interface and/or the overall user experience.

We realise that the current situation is not ideal, and that "normal" telescope operations are unlikely to resume for several months at least whilst we work through the issues with the new interface, but we hope you will stick with us and that the final result will be a better experience for all.

Please send any feedback on the On Sky system to: