Faulkes Telescopes demonstrated at Deutsches Museum, Munich

On Sunday, October 17th, a day of astronomy was held at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. One aspect was the demonstration of the Faulkes Telescopes at the lecture theatre of the newly built centre for new technologies. The Museum is famous for its technical collection and it is the largest of its kind in Germany. It is also the location of the TUMlab, a
laboratory mainly designed for schools, operated by the Technische Universität
München and the TUM, school of education.

Long-time FT user Dr. Lothar Kurtze demonstrated the telescopes and explained the educational aspects of the project. Lothar is supporting Faulkes as a scientific advisor, with his main focus being asteroid-related projects. The demonstration was of great interest to the public and was attended by around 100 guests.

 Lothar Munich_0.png

FT presented in the lecture theatre of the centre for new technologies
(Photo: A. Kratzer)

Even though the weather in Hawaii was partly cloudy, several objects were successfully observed. In a second slot, Faulkes Telescope South in Australia worked perfectly. The observation was one of the highlights on this rainy day in Munich, which did not permit any observation with the recently restored 40 cm Zeiss telescope at the museum.

This was the second successful demonstration of the FT project in Germany this year. In August, the telescopes were used during the 2010 Global Hands on Universe (GHoU) Workshop in Garching, near Munich. Teachers from many countries had the chance to control the telescopes, and later in the workshop the images were analyzed using the GHoU software SalsaJ.