Aging the Stars



Poster form Goleta Valley Junior High School by  Daniel Godinez Alcantara and Caylin Canales (13 yrs old) - 4th Place in Pysics & Astronomy division at California State Science Fair.






Supernova Success from Portugal

We've had more success on this year's favourite supernova so far, SN2016adj in Centaurus A.

High School Adolfo Portela in Portugal have been observing the supernova and performing photometry measurements in their Astronomy Club. 


Here is what the students had to say about their experiences: 

Photometry from France

College le Monteil in France have had great success both observing and analysing data they obtained from the Faulkes Telescopes. Students took their own images of the recent supernova in Centaurus A and used these along with images taken by other users to perform photometry.

From their results, they were able to plot a light curve in order to see how the supernova has faded over time.

Supernova! Gaia16aca

A recent supernova spotted by the Gaia satellite has occured in the galaxy UGC 8740.
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