Monthly Targets

Every month we identify 2 exciting objects in each of the Northern and Southern hemispheres that you can observe with the Faulkes Telescopes. Instructions on how to best observe the objects are also given, so all users can take some incredible images of these objects each month. Simply click on one of the objects below to find out more.

Object NameBrief DescriptionTarget MonthPriority
Sombrero GalaxyThis galaxy is so-called because of its appearance. It is a spiral galaxy with a prominent dust lane along its inclined disk. SeptemberInteresting
The Eagle NebulaOne of the most famous images from space is the Eagle Nebula, also known as The Pillars of Creation.SeptemberInteresting
NGC253NGC253, the Sculptor Galaxy, also known as the Silver Dollar Galaxy. This is a spectacular spiral galaxy still undergoing star formation and classified as a starburst galaxy. It is thought to have a central supermassive black hole with a mass of around 5 million Suns making it a little more massive than the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy.JuneInteresting
47 Tuc47 Tucanae is one of the most massive globular clusters. It's found in the southern constellation of the toucan and is the second brightest globular cluster in the night sky behind Omega Centauri. It is 120 light years across and is thought to contain around 500,000 stars.June Interesting
Arp271Arp271 is a pair of interacting galaxies, located around 90 million light years away.MayInteresting
NGC 5897NGC 5897 is a globular cluster, discovered by William Herschel in 1784.MayInteresting
M83 - Spiral GalaxyMessier 83 is a spiral galaxy approximately 15 million light years away. AprilInteresting
M7 - Open ClusterMessier 7 is an open cluster in the Scorpious constellation. AprilInteresting
NGC 3132 - Planetary NebulaThis pretty planetary nebula is found in the constellation of Vela and is also known as the Eight-Burst nebula. It lies at a distance of about 2000 light years.MarchInteresting