Monthly Targets

Every month we identify 2 exciting objects in each of the Northern and Southern hemispheres that you can observe with the Faulkes Telescopes. Instructions on how to best observe the objects are also given, so all users can take some incredible images of these objects each month. Simply click on one of the objects below to find out more.

Object NameBrief DescriptionTarget MonthPriority
NGC 2359An emission nebulaJanuaryUrgent
NGC 1491A bright emission nebulaJanuaryInteresting
M 43A beautiful H II regionJanuaryInteresting
NGC 78A pair of distant, neighbouring galaxiesJanuaryInteresting
M50 (NGC 2323)The open cluster M50 is relatively close to us at a distance of 3,000 light yearsDecemberInteresting
M42 - the Orion NebulaThe famous Orion Nebula that is lies in Orion's belt and is visible to the naked eyeDecemberInteresting
M8M8, also known as the Lagoon Nebula.DecemberInteresting
NGC 891An edge-on spiral galaxy, 30 million light-years awayDecemberInteresting
NGC288This fairly loosely concentrated globular cluster can be found in the constellation of Sculptor. NovemberInteresting
SMC X-3This object is a neutron star in a binary orbit with a Be star in our neighbouring dwarf galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud. Astronomers at the University of Southampton studying this object would like FTP users to help observe this object. NovemberUrgent