Are you unsure what to do with your observing time, how best to use it, or what kind of factors can affect your observations? We have created a number of resources to help you observe with the Faulkes Telescopes:


Getting Started Guides

We have prepared a number of guides to help users get started with using the Faulkes Telescopes as well as teach new skills and activities that can you can do after your observations. You can click here to go to the list of guides, or click the 'Getting Started Guides' button on the right side bar.


Online training resources

We have produced a large collection of guides to help users with a wide range of activities and to provide educational resources. These are all available for free and can be downloaded from our online training courses site.


Exciting targets list 

Each month we produce a list of 6 objects in the night sky which can be observed with the Faulkes Telescopes, which are of particular interest. These targets are typically easy to observe and are given alongside instuctions on the best way to observe them with the Faulkes Telescopes. The list of Exciting Targets can be found here.