Comet Cardinal imaged as part of BBC Stargazing Live event!

As part of the BBC's Stargazing Live event, users of the FTs have been asked to image interesting objects. This lovely image of Comet Cardinal was taken by amateur astronomer Nick Howes, using FTN.

Is this the most galaxies imaged in one go with Faulkes?!

Oliver Tunnah, a regular user of the FTs took this great image of the distant galaxy cluster Abell 2065 during one session on FTS. Here is his account of how he imaged this cluster nearly 940 million light years away.

Bristol AS

Bristol Astronomical Society first became involved with the Faulkes Telescope team at the beginning of 2006 as part of a project on galaxy classification that we were undertaking with junior members concerned with galaxy classification.

For this project we imaged various galaxies including interacting galaxies such as the Antennae and NGC2207, and other bright spirals such as M100 where we were just 4 days too early to catch a supernova!