An Investigation of the Open Cluster M25 by 10th Grade Students in Greece

High School of Tihero, Greece
Resource used:
Project Report

A photometric study of the open cluster M25 has been conducted by Mrs. Stella Tryfonidou and her class of 10th grade students. Their work is presented in both Greek and English and features a study of stars and stellar evolution.

By using images from the LCOGT archive, they were able to use the free photometry package, Salsa J, to take measurements of the brightness of several stars and use these to create a colour-magnitude diagram.

From this, they were able to identify a main sequence of stars as well as identifying a star which may be an evolved red giant.

The students have clearly enjoyed this study which has allowed them to gain an understanding of how research is conducted as well as being able to produce a well-written report in both their own language and in English.