Astronomy projects with the Faulkes Telescopes

Astronomy Projects Group in West Galilie
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In June 2009 three senior school physics students from West Galilee handed in their research projects completed using data from the Faulkes Telescopes to the Board of Education in Israel.

40% of the students final grade in physics was based on these projects. Teachers examined each student for over an hour and were very impressed saying that they would have liked to give one student in particular more than 100%.

Three more students will submit projects this academic year based on observations taken using the Faulkes Telescopes. All of the students have been taught physics and astrophysics for a year in a multicultural project centre in west Galilee, Israel.

It is the first time that students from Israel have used the Faulkes Telescopes and the first time that astronomy projects have been submitted by students using their own data.

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