Joint FT/NSO Resources

The Faulkes Telescope Project is working in conjunction with the National Schools' Observatory (NSO) to create educational resources. The first of these is detailed below and features the photometry of open clusters ... below are two data files required for an activity which allows the student to create a Colour Magnitude Diagram (CMD) of the open cluster, NGC 957. To download the files, right click on the weblink and select 'Save Target As'. 

More information on this activity is available here (contact fraser.lewis <at> for more details).

V band FITS file (2 MB)

B-band FITS file (2 MB)

An Excel sheet allowing the photometry to be converted can be downloaded. A finder chart for NGC 957 is available in Figure 1. It allows the user to ensure that they are measuring the brightness of the same star in both B and V and allows for an easy comparison with other people's work. The key here to avoid confusion at a later date is to follow the same order of stars (from 1 to 67) in both B and V images. That will make calculating the B-V value in your spreadsheet much easier.

NGC957 finder chart_0.png

Figure 1: Finder chart for the open cluster, NGC957. You can find out more about how to use

finder charts here. Credit: Fraser Lewis


Additional data for this project are on this page