Help - My Image Has A Green Streak!

 So you see this and you think to yourself that something has gone horribly wrong with your image from the telescope. Well... you might be right if you wanted a nice picture of NGC 6384. However, if you wanted a really interesting picture to talk about, then you just managed to get one.

The green streak in this image is actually an Earth orbiting satellite crossing the field of view. Although it is quite rare for this to happen, it occurs from time to time and can produce some interesting results.

The field of view of FT North is quite small. This means that satellites can easily cross the field of view in just a few seconds. And the reason it is green.....? Well the user who took this image (Center for Theoretical Physics, Poland) was doing a colour exposure of the galaxy that invovled three exposures, one in red, one green and one blue. The satellite would have only been around long enough to pass through the image during one of the filter exposures, and it just happened to do this during the green exposure.

If you would like to find out more about how colour imaging works you can find more details here

Early tests show that if you have accurate timings for satellite orbits then you can image a satellite deliberately about 80% of the time when you try to do this with a Faulkes Telescope. Maybe something to think about....