Physics with Faulkes


Last week, Matthew and Sophie attended the Welsh Physics Teachers Conference at Christ College in Brecon, Wales. 

Teachers attended various workshops throughout the day and talked to a number of exhibitors. Sophie was there talking to teachers about some of the imaging and science they can do using the LCO network, and how they can incorporate some of FTP's resources into their curriculum.

Teachers took away many ideas about how they can get students to make human Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams, observe the different life stages of stars and how to use real data to measure the expansion of the Universe

Matthew ran an hour workshop with a group of teachers, demonstrating some of the virtual and augmented reality apps that he has been developing for FTP. He demonstrated a virtual reality tour of the International Space Sation, where teachers had to work in small groups to complete several space missions. Around 15 teachers got to experience what it was like to be an astronaut onboard the ISS at the event, providing very positive feedback for the project. 

The app will eventually be used as part of a workshop, run by the Faulkes Telescope Project by the end of this year - so stay tuned!