1-metre Telescope Observing with the FT Project

We've had some really successful months of observing using the LCO network recently with lots of schools getting data, but as a result we are now starting to run out of observing time as our allocation for this semester (October 2016 to end of March 2017) has almost all been used up.
As a result, it is unfortunately no longer possible to use the queue to request observations on the 1-metre network, as we've used up all of our allocation there.
However, it is still possible to use the 1-metre network via the On Sky interface to book a timed slot and take observations that way. It's also possible to book a timed slot (using the option 'Book an observing slot') or use the queue (using 'Request observations') for the 0.4-metre and 2-metre telescopes.
Also, as we approach the end of the semester (March 31st), the scheduler will not allow you to submit a long-term proposal which crosses the semester boundary into April.
If you have any problems, please contact us at , ideally including screenshots of any error messages you receive.
Best wishes
The FT Team