Faulkes Telescope YouTube channel

The Faulkes Telescope Project team are proud to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel. We know that many people enjoy finding out more about astronomy or learning techniques for using the telescopes and astronomical software through screencasts and other online videos. In order to make all the videos easy to access and search through, we have create a new YouTube channel where we will post all the instructional and educational videos that we produce. 

We plan to create more instructional videos on how to operate the telescope, how to use the recommended photometry software and other useful tips, all of which will be uplaoded to our YouTube channel.

So, why not check out our channel and subscribe to make sure you don't miss a video. You can find the channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4-Ggq8wwAEh26k-e26cew