The Faulkes Telescope Project attend the Go-Lab Project Meeting in Lausanne

This month, the Faulkes team attended the sixth Go-Lab project meeting in Lausanne. The Go-Lab project offers both remote and virtual online science laboratories to schools throughout Europe. Their main goal is to encourage 10-18 year olds into science subjects by developing their skills of inquiry and experimentation. 


The meeting discussed the current status of the project and the next steps of its development. Fraser Lewis of the Faulkes Telescope Project is the UK's national coordinator for the project. He was able to present the UK's contribution, how we are seeking to deliver the project to UK schools and encouraging teachers to get on-board and apply some of Go-Lab's resources in their classroom. 

The meeting took place at EPFL in Lausanne, one of the Go-Lab partners. Here, the team and the rest of the Go-Lab members were shown the TCV Tokamak at the University's Swiss Plasma Centre. The tokamak is a fusion reactor that studies the physics of magnetically confined plasmas. 

They were also lucky enough to get a tour of CERN, where they were given a first-hand insight to some of the science that goes on at the CERN headquarters. They were given a tour of the SM-18 facility where they test magnets and instrumentation used in the large hadron collider. These tests are carried out at extremely low temperatures, down to 1.9 K (colder than space!) and with currents that reach up to 20 kA. 

They were also taken behind the scenes of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) control room. This instrument was built at CERN and now sits on-board the International Space Station, detecting particles in the search for dark matter and antimatter.

If you'd like to find out more about what the Go-Lab project has to offer then follow the link below:

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