FT Team Deliver at the STFC Introductory Summer School in Astronomy

The Faulkes team attended this year's STFC Introductory Summer School in Astronomy held at Cardiff University.

This event was hosted for astronomy and space science PhD students beginning in Autumn 2015. The event not only provided participants with an introduction to a range of subjects within the field of astrophysics, insights into the developments and advancements in space missions, instrumentation and technology, but also offered multiple workshops that focussed on career prospects, life as a PhD student and science outreach.  

Paul Roche delivered a talk on outreach to the students, emphasising the variety of activities, the opportunities that it holds and the benefits students can gain from taking part.

The talk was aimed to encourage individuals to become more involved in outreach and appreciate its value to both them as individuals and to society. Paul and Sophie put together a questionnaire for participants to complete in order to investigate whether or not their opinions and perceptions towards outreach were changed subsequent to the talk.

Preliminary findings revealed some very positive results, indicating that many participants were more likely to take part in outreach activities subsequent to the talk and becoming more aware of what outreach involves and the variety of directions it can take.

To find out more about the summer school, follow the link below: