Creative Cosmos at Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has just launched an exciting new online project in association with the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition called ‘Creative Cosmos’.   

This project is free to take part in and runs until April 2015 with a host of prizes to be won along the way.  Whether you get involved for the length of the whole project or just dip in and out we would love for lots of primary and secondary students (as well as of course, teachers) to get involved so check it out. Creative Cosmos allows you to take a look at previous winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition, find out about the science behind them and even learn how to create your very own entry.

Whether you are a budding astronomy photographer or a complete beginner who just want to give it a go, ‘Creative Cosmos’ has something for you.  You never know, if you use all your new found ‘Creative Cosmos’ knowledge to enter an image into the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition 2015, you could be one of the winners and feature in the 2015 exhibition, book and planetarium show.  Pretty amazing stuff!