New On Sky account details released

Hopefully many/most of you will have received your new account registration details from LCOGT now, and have an allocation of time on the new network (2m and 1m telescopes). The current version of the new On Sky interface is considered to be a beta test, and we would like to gather your feedback so that we can inform LCOGT of any changes that might be required.

On Sky is very different from the previous RTI interface, and so we anticipate a lot of "teething problems" over the next few months - we can only apologise in advance, and ask that you help us make the user experience easier and more useful as an educational experience. The new interface is far more "functional-looking" than the RTI, so we are particularly interested in how easy you found it to use, and any suggestions you might have to make the typical users experience more straightforward.

Please send comments to info "at"

If you have not received new account details, you will need to register again with the project - information on the new registration process (via LCOGT) is available here: