Progress with the new telescope control interface

We have been working with the new telescope control interface, OnSky, produced by LCO, which is replacing the old RTI which the project has been using since March 2004. After a number of trials over the past few months, a variety of bugs, changes and additions have been passed on to LCO, and we have been informed that the new version of OnSky should be ready by Aug. 28th.

Under the new interface, the old-style "live observing" mode is no longer possible, and we have been working on the scheduled observation mode that has replaced it. This will allow you to pre-book a date/time for your observations to occur in, and you can then watch your observations being made. Whilst not quite the same as the previous RTI live observing experience, it does allow users to select from a wider range of telescopes, as it now includes the 1m facilities in Chile and South Africa.

We will continue to update you on progress with OnSky, and hopefully we will soon be able to start releasing screen shots and training materials.