Update on the status of observing with the telescopes

Unfortunately we are still waiting for the new control interface (OnSky – the replacement for the RTI system that previously allowed live observing with FTN and FTS) to be finished by LCOGT. The interface was originally planned for testing in April, but staff illness and delays at LCOGT have resulted in this being pushed back until mid-June.


We are assured that a test version of OnSky is imminent, and so we are hoping to relaunch the FT project in September, with access to not just the 2m FTN and FTS instruments, but also to the 1m and 0.4m LCOGT networks.


We are sorry for the loss of access to the telescopes since mid-March, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do until LCOGT have finished with the network updates and provided the OnSky package.


We have been informed that the 1m network is now functioning, and indeed some FT users have been accessing the system as part of the beta-testing process. Access to these new networks will be a real benefit to FT users in the new school year, so we are hopeful that the “new” FT project will be more flexible and provide more observing time than was previously available on the two 2-metre ‘scopes alone.