Teacher Training with AstroCymru

AstroCymru teacher training at Techniquest

Faulkes Telescope team members Paul Roche and Emma Wride (AstroCymru Project Officer) are about to hold the second day of a primary school teacher training programme (“Primary Space”) at the Techniquest Science Discovery Centre in Cardiff.


Paul and Emma were joined by Sue Andrews (ESERO-UK) and Heather MacRae (Venture Thinking) as part of a full day workshop in October to promote the various free programmes that new STEM education project AstroCymru will offer.

Sue developed the “Is There Anyone Out There” programme of activities based on the geology of Mars and detecting signs of life on another planet. Activities included testing soil samples for acidity and bacteria, and a variety of other STEM lessons all with a Mars-exploration theme.


Heather is the UK representative for the “Mission X (Train Like an Astronaut)” programme. This programme was developed by NASA to encourage childrens’ interest in fitness and nutrition, combined with science. Activities included creating healthy and dehydrated “urine samples” using food colouring and marmite!

These workshops were demonstrated to 22 teachers from local schools who attended the first CPD event at Techniquest in October, with the follow-up event on Tuesday 14th January. At this second workshop, they will report on how the projects have been implemented in their schools. A similar set of workshops will be held in North Wales, with the first at Techniquest Glyndwr in Wrexham on March 12th.