Teachers and students in Portugal use the Faulkes Telescopes

During August 2013, a group of students between 15 and 17 years old, who have shown particular interest in astronomy, took a 15 hours observational astronomy course. During the course they not only talked about general topics of astronomy, but were able to use Faulkes Telescope South to observe a total of 9 objects (including M16 below) using different filters. 

9516810660_91dd4233d5_o.jpgBesides the topics discussed in the class, they learned to prepare for observations, using Stellarium. They also learned how to observe using the Faulkes Telescope, since they did their own observations.


They were able to appreciate the difference that the red, green and blue filters make to various astronomical objects. Finally they learned to use DS9 FITS viewer to create RGB images and were able to participate in a collaborative project to aid scientists interested in the black hole system, GX339-4.