Astronomers request 1 image per slot from FTN & FTS for the next few months

Scientists at the University of Colorado have asked the FT Team and FT users to help in a study to improve the understanding of exoplanets. They are particularly interested in the study of these objects around cool M-type stars and have secured the use of the Hubble Space Telescope to image these stars.

They hope to determine the ages of these stars from the speed at which they rotate, which they believe can be measured by taking observations of them over a timescale of a few weeks to months. These ages will help them understand better the environments in which these exoplanets are found.

FT users will be provided with co-ordinates and exposure/filter information (Below). We hope that once we have some data, we can get the schools to perform their own analysis (using free software and provided instructions) to supplement that being performed by the experts.

Observing Information:

Number of Observations: 1 per slot
Visible From 11:00 UT on FTN 
                     13:00 UT on FTS
Object Name: GJ 317 
RA: 08 40 59.2 
DEC: -23 27 23.3 
Filter: V
Exposure Time: 5 seconds