Discover the Cosmos Summer School - July 2012

single_logo_Discover the Cosmos.jpgThe first DISCOVER THE COSMOS Summer School will take place this July in Crete, Greece (1-6/7/2012) .

The course's objective is to enhance science education by presenting the fabric of the cosmos as was shaped by scientific evidence and explanations through 400 years of scientific advancement.

A specific website has been developed in order to give you all the information you need about the course, and about how to apply: 

For teachers in the UK, the national agency who funds positions on these courses is the British Council ( ).

If you are an adult education provider, you can also apply for funds to attend the course, but via the Grundvtig organisation ( ).

In both cases you should download the application form for the 'In-Service Training' fund.

The deadline to apply for this summer school is January 16th 2012. Full details on how to apply can be found from the Summer School website.