Faulkes Project comes to the National Space Centre

On December 9th, the Faulkes Telescope Project team held a successful teacher training workshop at the National Space Centre (NSC) in Leicester. The workshop, attended by 18 teachers from across the UK aimed to introduce secondary school teachers to using freely available robotic telescopes and astronomical reosurces in the classroom.

The teachers were given an introduction to the Faulkes Telescope websites and resources, followed by demonstrations on how to obtain data from the Faulkes telescopes, and how to analyse the data using the free software package, SalsaJ. There was plenty of time for all teachers to try their own downloading and manipulating of the telescope data, after which they were rewarded with a viewing of the NSC's exciting planetarium show 'We are Astronomers'.  The afternoon was then spent learning how to use Stellarium and the 'Down2 Earth' project's impact calculator, both of which were a hit with the teachers.

Perhaps most importantly during the course of the day, teachers were given the chance to discuss ideas with each other on how they currently, or plan to, use these resources in their classroom, and demonstrate any other resources which they find particularly useful for students in schools. The chance to talk to other teachers about astronomy and physics in the classroom was something that a lot of the teachers found valuable. 

 If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming teacher training workshops, then please click here for more information.