More great images from the FTs

Users of the Faulkes Telescopes have made some beautiful images in recent weeks - below we highlight just a few....


 The edge-on spiral galaxy, NGC 4945, seen here to the left was taken by Highgate School using FTS with the colour filter for 180s. The dark dust lanes, blocking starlight from behind, are very clear to see in this beautiful image. 







Next we have the open star cluster, M7, taken by St Catherine's College using FTN. This 60s colour exposure shows both bright foreground stars, and fainter background stars, all projected into the same area in the image. 


Finally, we have NGC 5139, taken by Freeport Schools in New York State using FTS. This globular cluster in the constellation of Centaurus, was imaged with the colour filter for a total of 30s. 



The image archive is fully searchable to the public, so why not have a look and see if there are any objects which might tempt you into booking a session on the telescopes and trying your hand at observing - we currently have plenty of sessions available, so there's nothing stopping you from taking images just like the ones we have here.

Happy Observing!