Faulkes Telescopes presentation at Deutsches Museum in Munich


On Sunday, May 24th, the Faulkes Telescope Project was demonstrated at Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. The large Museum is famous for its technical collections. It also hosts the TUMlab, a laboratory mainly designed for schools operated by the Technische Universität München and the TUM, school of education.

Images from FT demo Munich

In collaboration with Dr. Andreas Kratzer and Dr. Karl Glöggler from the Hands On Universe Project, Lothar Kurtze explained the telescopes as well as the educational aspects to the public.  Even though the weather in Australia did not permit a demonstration of the Faulkes Telescope, it was possible to show the image reduction techniques and the performance of the telescopes using archive images. As an example, results of the Faulkes Telescope Asteroid project were shown to the audience.

In addition, some results of a pilot project with Dietrich- Bonhoeffer-Schule in Weinheim, Germany were presented. It was of great interest to the public and the laboratory was completely packed. Lots of questions had to be answered during a very hot day in Bavaria.

(Lothar Kurtze has been supporting the Faulkes Telescope Project as scientific advisor since 2004, with the main focus on asteroid related projects.)