Multiple teacher training events

Friday 7th March saw a first for FT, with two training events being run in parallel at venues in the south and Midlands.


Sarah Roberts, Paul Roche, Fraser Lewis and Vanessa Stroud were working at the Science Learning Centre South, based at the University of Southampton. This training session was attended by a mixture of teachers from across the south and south east of England, alongside postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers from the department of Physics & Astronomy at the university. There were also representatives of the South Downs Planetarium in Chichester, and the soon-to-be-opened Intech planetarium near Winchester.


The mix of 16 teachers, pro/am astronomers and science centre educators led to some interesting discussions amongst the attendees, and we hope some useful collaborations will result.


At the same time, Dave Bowdley and Danny Duggan were training 15 GTP (Graduate Teaching Programme) students at Wolverhampton University, looking at classroom use of the telescopes and educational resources.


Whilst much of the FT training materials are now available online through the Moodle virtual learning environment, face-to-face training still has many advantages. This is particularly true when the group is mixed and attendees are able to interact and network, as well as learning a variety of useful skills that will help maximise the benefits of using robotic telescopes in the classroom.