Registration Info

The way in which schools register to become part of the Faulkes Telescope Project and have access to the LCOGT network of 0.4 - metre, 1-metre and 2-metre telescopes has now changed. 

The registration process is now as follows:

1. Send an e mail to accounts "at"  to register for an account on the LCOGT OnSky network. You need to include the following information in the e mail:

  • Your name

  • School name

  • Proof that you are a member of staff at your school (this could be a link to your school website, your teacher DfES number or the school phone number which we can call to verify you are a teacher there).

  • If you are registering through any other group eg. EUHOU or Teacher Training Event please state this in the email.


2. Within 24 hours (approx) of receipt of your email we will set up your account.  This will generate an email from the system enabling you to set a password for the account. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the above please contact us on one of the addresses below where we will be pleased to assist you in any way we can. 

Email addresses where you can contact us:

  • info "at"

  • alison.tripp "at"

  • sarah.roberts "at"

Why do we need proof of your teacher status?

These measures are to prove to us that you are a member of staff and not a student or someone unrelated to your school. We do not expect you to ask the school secretary to manage your registration, and these details can be changed once your account has been activated.

If NONE of the above apply, please contact us on info "at" and we will assist with your registration.

Please bear in mind that community and time allocation is not an automated process and consequently can take a few days for us to check your eligibility.

Astronomical Societies

Astronomical societies are welcome to apply for subscriptions, but they must be working in collaboration with a school.

Once you have used your session, we would like you to fill out an online report of the observing that you accomplished. You may request more time, but only once this report has been completed.