Registration Info

Important Registration Requirements

Teachers and Educational Organisations

If you are registering as a UK or Irish teacher or educational institution, we require you to provide proof of your status, in one of the following ways:

  • Register, providing your teacher and/or school DfES numbers
  • Register using a non-specific email address that uniquely identifies a role in your school, e.g. (this can be changed after registering).
  • Register but supply us with online proof that you are a member of staff at your school
  • Register but send us an official letter head from your school's secretary in the post

Why do we need these?

These measures are to prove to us that you are a member of staff and not a student or someone unrelated to your school. We do not expect you to ask the school secretary to manage your registration, and these details can be changed once your account has been activated.

If NONE of the above apply, please contact us on and we will assist with your registration.

Once you have registered, your account will be created and your login details will be emailed to the address you supply. These login details are for both your telescope account, and the online training.

Your account will be credited with 30 minutes peak-time. More time can be requested by clicking on the 'Request telescope time' link on the 'Telescopes' page, or by clicking here. The maximum amount of time which you can apply for, and have in your account, is 90 minutes.

Please bear in mind that time allocation is not an automated process and consequently can take a few days for us to check your eligibility.

Astronomical Societies

Astronomical societies are welcome to apply for subscriptions, but they must be working in collaboration with a school.

Applications will only be considered if they are made by the society's secretary whose names should be registered with either the FAS or BAA. We will send a form to the society, to be completed and signed by both the Astronomical Society and the school they are working with, and returned to us.

Approved applications will receive, after completing the Online Training, an account with 1 off-peak session credited to it. Any observations carried out with the school should be made with the school's telescope account. Please bear in mind that the approval of applications is not an automated process and consequently it can take a few days for us to check your eligibility.

Once you have used your session, we would like you to fill out an online report of the observing that you accomplished. You may request more time, but only once this report has been completed.

General Information

Use of the telescopes is open to research institutions worldwide. Please contact the Faulkes Telescope Operations Centre for further information.

UK and Irish primary, secondary
and further education teachers


Overseas schools, amateur astronomical societies
and science centres.

Contact us for more information about eligibility.


Session = 28 minutes of live observing time on either the Faulkes Telescope North or South (when it becomes available).

Sessions which are fully prevented due to bad weather will not be automatically reimbursed, but you can apply for more time here .