Info. for Teachers

Registering as a Teacher

Following the move to provide free of charge access to our facilities, the FT Project adopted a policy of registering teachers, not schools, with the project.  This allows us to provide you with personalised training and support that is tailored to the age range of students you teach, the topics you teach. We can also take in to account your own personal background in science and teaching as part of putting together a package of training for you.


Training Opportunities

Comprehensive training is delivered both through a dedicated online portal and through a range of hands-on workshops held around the UK and at selected events in Europe. 


All training provided by us is free of charge.


You can see a list of Upcoming Training Workshops that you might like to be involved in. 


Educational Materials

A wide range of activities, projects and observing programmes are available for users to get involved with. Full details of these including teaching strategies, classroom activities and supporting documentation are available in the Education section of our website.


Developed for Teachers and Students, by Teachers and Students

The resources we have on our website have been developed not only by teachers and astronomers, but also by students who work directly with us as part of the Faulkes Telescope Student Academy. This ensures that the support materials help form exciting and inspiring activities, projects and observing programmes that have a real and lasting benefit to learning.


Where to Start 

We suggest you start by Registering with the project, it costs you nothing and will give you access to the World's most advanced robotic telescope network for use in your teaching.  You will receive a username and password, and this will also allow you to access the resources portal where you can join in with a range of courses that will help you become familiar with the astronomy you need to know, and the systems you need to be able to operate to use the telescopes. Don't worry, it is all quite straight forward, and help is always close at hand.