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Working with the Education, Science and Astronomy Communities

The Faulkes Telescope Project is pleased to work with any organisation that shares our aims. To this end we have developed good relationships with a wide range of science centres, education groups, university physics and astronomy departments as well as many other organisations too numerous to list.

If you are a member of an organisation and think you would like to have access to our telescopes and education materials, then please contact us as we can usually work something out that benefits everyone concerned.

Access for Astronomical Societies

Astronomical societies are allowed access to the telescopes provided they are working with a school. For more information about access for societies please go to the Registration Page and scroll down to the Astronomical Societies section.

Access for Science Centres

We are happy to provide access to the telescopes to science centres for public display on condition that no additional charge is made for access to the telescope sessions. In addition, we ask that science centres allow us to help them to use the opportunity to promote our aim of encouraging students, teachers and the public to engage in research-based science education. Science centres who would like access to our facilities should contact us in advance of any planned events.


Comprehensive training is available for any individual or organisation who is working with us, and is delivered both through a dedicated online portal (click here to be taken to the portal) and through a range of hands-on workshops held around the UK (click here for a current list of workshops) and at selected events in Europe.

All training provided by us is free of charge.

Where to Start

Get in touch with us, and we can arrange to talk about how you might use our facilities yourself, or within your organisation.