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Monthly Targets - Northern hemisphere - Summer

M101M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy, is a face-on spiral galaxy in Ursa Major. It's radius of ~ 80,000 light years means it's on a simiilar scale to our own Milky Way.
M66M66 in the Leo Triplet is a spiral galaxy with spectacular dust lanes and star forming regions. M66 is about 95 thousand light-years in diameter bright star and is part of the Leo Triplet, a group of galaxies which includes M65 and NGC 3628. <div><br /></div>

Monthly Targets - Southern hemisphere - Summer

NGC253NGC253, the Sculptor Galaxy, also known as the Silver Dollar Galaxy. This is a spectacular spiral galaxy still undergoing star formation and classified as a starburst galaxy. It is thought to have a central supermassive black hole with a mass of around 5 million Suns making it a little more massive than the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy.
47 Tuc47 Tucanae is one of the most massive globular clusters. It's found in the southern constellation of the toucan and is the second brightest globular cluster in the night sky behind Omega Centauri. It is 120 light years across and is thought to contain around 500,000 stars.