GCSE Astronomy

Finding the Asteroid 2007 UR2 - Observations with Faulkes Telescope North

In January this year, 2 students from Victoria College, Belfast, worked with astronomers at the Armagh Observatory, and found a very exciting object! Read their report of their observations here...

169P/NEAT: A Comet or an Asteroid?

Two students from Our Lady and St. Patrick's College, Knock, and Bangor Grammar School in Northern Ireland worked with astronomers at the Armagh Observatory in January this year, observing comets and unusual asteroids. Read the report they wrote about their work here...

Faulkes Telescope Projects

Jeff Stanger, a teacher at Sydney Girls High School, has written a number of projects based around using the Faulkes Telescopes in the classroom. His excellent activities and worksheets can be found by clicking on the link here

GCSE Astronomy Coursework

Keiran Davies, a year 10 pupil at West Monmouth school undertook his GCSE Astronomy coursework using the Faulkes Telescope in Hawaii. Observing the spiral galaxy M100, Kieron studied a supernova in the galaxy, and his results can be seen in the coursework here.

Discovery of Fast rotating asteroid

Following an observing alert posted on April 10, four groups contributed observations of the newly-discovered near-Earth asteroid 2008 GP3 using Faulkes South. The object was imaged both on April 11 and on April 12 and photometry was performed by Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association to check whether or not the object was a fast rotator. Since 2008 GP3 is a small object, probably only about 20-30 meters across, there is a good chance that it spins quickly on its axis.

Galaxies Projects with the Faulkes Telescopes

In March this year, we reported on a school in France who had recently begun using the Faulkes Telescopes in their classroom. After attending an EU-HOU/GTTP Astronomy Training Workshop, their teacher, Hevre Faivre, introduced the students to the telescopes, and to a project on galaxies. To read about their project, and how they linked observations of galaxies with the citizen science project, Galaxy Zoo, click on the link here



Comet Cardinal imaged as part of BBC Stargazing Live event!

As part of the BBC's Stargazing Live event, users of the FTs have been asked to image interesting objects. This lovely image of Comet Cardinal was taken by amateur astronomer Nick Howes, using FTN.

Holly Hall School target asteroid Scheila for BBC Stargazing Live Event

As part of the BBC's Stargazing Live event, FT users have been observing a list of interesting targets - here, Holly Hall School have taken a number of images of the asteroid Scheila. This animation shows the path of the asteroid across the sky.

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