Faulkes Telescope light curves of Aquila X-1

2016 - 2017 activity below


The 2016 Outburst - see our ATel here 


The 2010 Faulkes light curve (we include data from the RXTE ASM):

aql x-1 2010


The Faulkes long term light curve (outbursts in May 2007, Sep 2007, Jun 2008, Mar 2009, Nov 2009, Jul-Sep 2010):

aql x-1 light curve


These data have appeared in ATels #1218#1970#2288 and #2871.

The JACPOT XRB team monitored the Nov 2009 outburst at radio, infrared, optical, UV and X-ray frequencies.

Variability study of Aql X-1 on 2010-07-28 (top; i'-band) and 2010-07-30 (bottom; V-band):  

aql x-1 20100728

aql x-1 20100730

Comparison: GX 339-4 on 2010-03-22 (i'-band; in the hard state):

GX 339 20100323


The March 2009 outburst light curve (including Swift/BAT data provided by the Swift/BAT team):

aql x-1 2009


See our ATels from September 2007 here, March 2009 here, November 2009 here and September 2010 here. 

See also long-term lightcurves at Dipankar Maitra and Charles Bailyn's page and their resulting ApJ paper.

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