Our Universe AR


Our Universe AR is an augmented Reality app which allows you to explore the objects in our Solar System, using your Android phone or tablet. Using the app, you can explore 3D models of the planets in our Solar System, holding them in your hand, putting them on your desk or even haging them from the wall!

The app uses your smart device camera to recognise a set of images, which you can download for free by going here. When you point the camera at one of these images, a 3D model of the planet will appear on your phone, making it look as if the planet was there in the real world in front of you!

Each of the planets features 'highlight points', which you can click on to find out more about them. You can discover more about the giant storm that is rolling around Jupiter's surface, Saturn's rings and how they formed and what the darker spots on the Sun are.

You can download the app for free, form the Google Play Store, by clicking here.

You can download the images that you need to use the app from here



Privacy-relevant Android permissions requested by this app. Used for permissions that are associated with accessing camera or capturing images/video from the device. 


This permission allows this application to use the phone camera to view augmented reality objects in the real world.