Faulkes Telescope North light curves of IGR J00291+5934

Here are two ATels announcing our results from 2008: ATel #1666 ATel #1726

And a more recent one from the 2015 outburst ATel #7837 

Our published paper, 'The Double-Peaked 2008 Outburst of the Accreting Milli-Second X-ray Pulsar, IGR J00291+5934' is available here

Below is the 2015 outburst light curve 


Here is the light curve (a little UVOT data added):

 00291 light curve


Timing studies on 25 and 29 Sept 2008 - variability detected (max amplitude ~ 0.14 mag):

00291 variability




That data folded on the known orbital period (the data cover 2 consecutive orbits):

00291 porb

Colour-magnitude diagram of first decline:

00291 HID

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